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And the most frequently asked questions

What costs your services?

We recommend to elect as many as possible whereas with so many beautiful girls you will not be able to resist the temptation to “make it a blow” though, to be honest, if you want to start saving, some 105 € will be enough.

How many girls are regularly at disposal?

Regularly ready for your joy, entertainment and pleasure are some 10 to 15 beautiful girls.

May I agree on a date with your girl outside the night club ?

Not without our knowledge and not without our prior consent; however, feel free to order with us our personal hostesing service.
Prohibited moreover is exchange of phone numbers and/or addresses between the girls and customers, and strictly prohibited is extending proposals to girls to work for anyone else.

Can we take snapshots on your premises ?

You will be disappointed. Unfortunately, you can not for anonymousness of our customers and girls could not be guaranteed.